Myers Power Products Introduces HVF 5&15kV Circuit Breakers and Arc Resistant Switchgear

DENVER, Colorado, USA – Myers Power Products, Inc. (“Myers”) unveiled two additions to its medium voltage products line at the opening of the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Expo. Myers introduced its 5kV & 15kV Myers circuit breakers as an expansion to its well-established HVF line of vacuum circuit breakers, which includes 38kV breakers. These new products extend the proven technology of the HVF 38kV circuit breaker to lower voltages, rounding out the Myers HVF product family. Also included in the launch was Myers new MV ArcRes switchgear. Offered in 5kV and 15kV, the ArcRes switchgear is designed to offer protection from arc flash hazards.

Myers President and CEO Diana Grootonk stated, “With the introduction of these products, we are enabling customers to take advantage of the same safety, reliability, and ease-of-maintenance offered by the Myers HVF 38kV circuit breaker. For more than 15 years, the HVF has been the preferred solution for public and private sector facilities. The ArcRes gear is a complimentary line to the new HVF circuit breakers.”

Like their 38kV counterpart, the HVF 5kV and 15kV circuit breakers are constructed from rugged components and enclosed in an insulated frame to prevent exposure to dust and elements. These features reduce the need for routine maintenance and support increased longevity of the product. The HVF 5kV and 15kV circuit breakers offer an array of options to maintain operator safety, including closed door racking, remote racking, and remote trip and close. The companion ArcRes switchgear offers further protection by incorporating them into switchgear specifically designed to direct the energy of an arc fault / flash away from personnel and equipment and safely vent it into the plenum.

About Myers 

Since 1950, Myers Power Products has been and continues to be, a global leader in the supply and integration of a wide range of electrical products. As both a manufacturer and systems integrator, we are trusted by thousands of companies worldwide to provide solutions ranging from medium voltage AC and DC power distribution switchgear and equipment, custom designed enclosures & power distribution centers, low voltage switchboards and panelboards to emergency lighting inverters, backup power systems and electrical service pedestals. A woman-owned business with manufacturing facilities throughout North America, Myers is uniquely positioned to serve customers with quality solutions you desire for today’s electrical distribution needs. Corporate information and detailed product information are available online at and toll free at 866-MY-MYERS.

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