Low Voltage Switchboards, Panelboards & Meter Boards
Product Description

Myers Power Products offers a wide range of standard and special configuration Distribution Switchboards, including our Standard, Type CDS, and Type CBA lines. Each features a 400 A — 6000 A supply bus, 3000 A copper or aluminum vertical bus, and bracing up to 200,000 AIC. Distribution Switchboards are available in NEMA 1, 3R, and stainless steel enclosure options with UL Listing and UL Label.

Type CDS Convertible Switchboard
  • Group Mounted Circuit Breakers and / or Fusible Switches Rated to 1200 A
  • 60” of Device Space
  • 38" Wide, 90" High & 20" — 30” Deep
  • 32" Width & Alternate Depths Available 

Type CBA Individually Mounted Devices Switchboard
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers to 3200 A
  • Thermal Magnetic Breakers 15 A — 2000 A
  • Solid State Trip Units 15 A — 3200 A with 2500 A — 3200 A Adjustable Programmer
  • Fuseless Current Limiting Circuit Breakers 15 A — 1600 A
  • Insulated Case Circuit Breakers to 5000 A with Solid State Trip Units
  • Power Circuit Breaker with Ratings to 4000 A
  • Fusible Switches 30 A — 1200 A
  • Bolted Pressure Switches 800 A — 5000 A
  • Non-UL Devices Rated to 6000 A


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