Medium Voltage Switchgear & Circuit Breakers
Product Description

Myers Power Products manufactures 5 kV — 38.5 kV Metal Enclosed Switchgear in fused and non-fused applications. Our Metal Enclosed Switchgear is available with manual or automatic switches and offered as stand-alone switchgear, within a unit substation, or a custom configuration.

  • Air Load Interrupter Switches Rated 5 kV, 15 kV & 27 kV Class, 200 A, 600 A & 1200 A
  • UL Listing on 5 kV &15 kV Class LI Switchgear
  • Vacuum Switch Type Switchgear 5 kV &15 kV, 600 A & 800 A
  • No-Load Break 15 kV Switches, 2000 A, 3000 A & 4000 A
  • Indoor or Outdoor Standard Enclosures and Special Enclosures, Including Stainless Steel
  • Auto Throw Over Transfer Systems
  • Primary Switch Assemblies for Unit Substations
  • Main-Tie-Main Applications
  • Utility Metering with Main Switch
  • Current Limiting & Expulsion Type Fuse Options
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Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear

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