Arc Resistant Switchgear
Product Description

Patented IntelliSafe™ Arc Resistant MV Switchgear provides industry leading safety features including a simple but rugged door design, door to breaker position interlocks and automated electrical racking. Built in intelligence not only supports safe operation but also helps prevent failures and maximize up time. Its non-invasive monitoring system is fully customizable for any application and can be easily integrated into any SCADA or higher level system. IntelliSafe™ is 100% compliant with Process Industry Practices (PIP) specification requirements for Metal-Clad switchgear.

  • Type 2B Construction
  • ANSI C37.20.7
  • Up to 15kV, 4000A, 50kA, Two High
  • 10 & 11 Ga. Welded Steel Construction
  • 100% PIP Spec Compliant
  • Certified by KEMA Independent Test Lab
  • UL Labeled
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