Myers offers full lifecycle services that enable you to get the most out of your equipment.  From installation and startup, to life extension services, our electrical systems experts are available to ensure proper placement and connection, sequence of operations, regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and other topics related to maximizing safety, uptime, and performance. 

Our services include:



Testing newly purchased equipment gives peace of mind that the equipment was received and installed as it was tested in the factory, thus reducing the risk for unplanned failure.  Myers’ skilled technicians are available to provide supervision, or we can perform the testing on your behalf. 



Proper installation is critical to safety, reliability, proper operation and longevity.  Myers offers technical direction and oversight to ensure proper installation of your new electrical equipment.  Our technical experts can advise on many typical installation items, including installation preparation, rigging, any needed reassembly, equipment placement, cabling, and integration with existing equipment.  Eliminate costly and time consuming re-work with professional guidance.



Avoid costly repairs and disruptive system outages with an effective preventive maintenance program.  Myers preventive maintenance programs are designed specifically for your equipment, by the technical experts who engineered and manufactured your equipment.  These programs encompass inspections, adjustments, cleaning, and performance verification to ensure that your equipment is in good repair and is functioning properly.  Our skilled technicians can supervise your crew, or we can provide the required testing and maintenance services.



Extend the life of your electrical equipment with Myers’ full range of repair, refurbishment, and rebuilding services.  Depending upon your requirements, these services can range from merely repairing equipment that was not practical to repair in the field, to a complete rebuild that returns the equipment to as-new condition, enhancing reliability and safety.  Repair and Rebuild services are a cost-saving alternative to replacement of individual equipment.



Myers electrical experts are ready to diagnose and repair equipment malfunctions and outages.  Armed with decades of power systems design and troubleshooting experience as well as comprehensive knowledge of the equipment components, subsystems, and connections, our field technicians are your best resource for quickly restoring peak performance.  



Equip your personnel with the knowledge they need to safely operate and keep your equipment up and running with Myers training programs.  Each course is customized to the unique design of your equipment and encompasses classroom instruction and hands-on training.



Myers field technicians are available to perform load testing on newly installed and in-service equipment.  Each test is designed specifically for your equipment, in accordance with IEEE and other industry standards, and verifies that the equipment performs as required with normal and peak loads.



Ensure your entire system is functioning as designed with Myers’ System Commissioning Services.  While startup and acceptance testing only evaluates each piece of equipment to confirm it is functioning as designed, system commissioning tests the entire system as a whole by following a custom designed site commissioning plan.



Modernize your electrical equipment with Myers Retrofit & Retrofil Services.  Aging electrical systems can become problematic with little to no warning, and finding replacement parts for that equipment can be time consuming and expensive.  Our engineered retrofit and retrofil solutions allow you the flexibility to replace the most critical components in your electrical systems, while continuing to use existing switchgear, cables, and/or bus ducts that is still in good condition.



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